Wall Paper

Digging through some old photo's in an attempt to clean out my computer, I found some images from an old renovation project. 

During this project, we discovered some pretty neat things that the previous (previous, previous, previous, and maybe even previous) owners or renovators had left behind. 

Although drywall has replaced the once common plaster and lath, what we found might not have been such a common practice. These plaster walls were covered with paper, perhaps to keep the paster from crumbling or cracking. 

Sure, old newspapers with the date on it would of impressed me, but this was something else! Carefully selected photo's cut out of magazines.  Colourful, interesting, even strangely bizarre images were covering the plaster walls!  I though about keeping a souvenir, a chunk of the wall covered with the eccentric paper, but I decided that a photo would be more hygienic.  

Maybe this will inspire you with a really great way to cover your existing walls!  Find some images you love, get some glue, and go to town!  Yeah, maybe way too much work ;) 

The P.G.13 rated version ;) 

I wonder who the crafty person was behind this clever wall paper job? 

The Panorama
Love this one!  Maybe this is one that will make it to my wall. 

Life for me has taken a different turn these days, but I'm really looking forward to my next renovation project and I'm building up my idea bank in the meantime.  Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Sure, home decor magazines make it easy, but can be expensive!  Look around you, what inspires you most?  Where does it come from? From the fashionista's walking around, the view from where you sit, something from childhood?  What's most important to you?  For me these days, it's about having a little more fun.  Life can be way too serious some times, why bring that home with you?  A jolt of colour with paint, or pillows, a quirky vintage find, hidden amongst the serious. Maybe even a little fun on your walls with your favourite quirky art?  Have some fun!  

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  1. This is amazing and a little bit ominous! I can't believe you found these collages hidden on your walls.