2012, Looking Forward

Resolution : A firm decision to do, or not to do something

Intention : An aim that guides action

A new year brings new hope to all.  Hope that this year will be better than the last.  New Years Resolutions are what people often think about, "what do I want for 2012".  

I prefer to steer clear of making resolutions.  Resolutions are always BIG, they seem like a lot of pressure and they're usually created out of a negative aspect of yourself that you want to change.  Common resolutions for people might be, I want to quit drinking, quit smoking, I want to go to lose 10 pounds, etc...  And once that negative habit starts creeping back into your life, you can give up as quickly as you gave in.  

No, I don't like resolutions. They've never worked for me, besides, I'm more of a practical and realistic girl.  I tend to set goals for myself that I know I can achieve.  For me, intentions are what works best.  I make plans, set realistic goals and always keep my eye on the prize throughout  the year.  A brief conversation with my life long friend just before the New Year had reminded me of this. She thought 2012 would be a great year for me and I would achieve everything I had set my mind to as I had always done so in the past and had always somehow found a way to my goals.  I sometimes forget that I have the power (as we all do) to do so and it was really special to hear this from one of my closest friends who sometime's know's me better than I know myself.  Thanks CK! xo 

So, my intentions for 2012? Well, I will keep most of them to myself since I'm a shy and modest blogger but I will happily share them with the world when I have achieved them! 

What I can share with you is this:  
  • I intend to do everything I can, to live and be healthy in my body, mind, and spirit.
  • I intend to be fearless and unstoppable.                   

Yoda : Do... or do not. There is no try

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