January One

It's finally the start of a New Year!  I've been looking forward to this for some time now, I have some really high hopes for 2011!  A few more hours before the end of the first day and I'm still trying to put a list of the new years resolutions together.  It still counts if you set them on the first day, right??  I guess it doesn't really matter since these resolutions are about me, and for me so I could really start them any day I like!  I'm hoping that I can set them this weekend and I'll start on Monday....I swear!  I guess the first one should be....
1/ Thou shalt not procrastinate anymore!!  
I'm pretty reasonable in what I set for myself, they have to be pretty realistic expectations otherwise I'll be giving up on them before I even start but they must push me a little further than normal.  I have a few in mind but I have to fine tune them so I know I'll follow through.  
I'm happy to be done with 2010.  What a crazy year in my life!  In the last few years, there was lots of begging God, the Universe, the angels, anyone who was listening..."Please!! make something happen!!" I felt like I was standing perfectly still and watching everyone else around me move in all different directions.  Well, it all caught up to me last year as one thing after another really made up for all the stagnation the last few years.  2010 was a good year, a well deserved year, a hard, busy, exhausting, stressful, fun, exciting, amazing year....all ended yesterday.  It  was also truly an  unforgettable year, but now it's time for a fresh start.  With everything that came into my life last year, all the experiences, & all of the activity, now is when I can start putting everything from 2010 and all of the nothing from the years previous, to use.  I'm not quite sure what I'll start with or how it'll all begin, but I will definitely be embarking on this new year with excitement and purpose. 
In this wonderful new year marked 2011, I wish us all happiness, fulfilment, prosperity  and love. 

Check It Out!!
To start with, here are a few things I had worked on (professionally) that have recently been published with Clean Eating Magazine.    Oh, and check out their new website when you have a minute, they've got all kinds of great (healthy) recipes posted!

January 2011 issue (on stands now!)
November / December 2010 issue

November / December 2010 issue

November / December 2010 issue
September / October 2010 issue


  1. Happy New Year Joanne!
    Glad to see you're blogging again! What a great selection of food photos. They are making me hungry. I'm also envious of your trip to Italy. I've never been there and can't wait to check it out one day.

  2. @Joanne (Bijoux)

    Thanks Joanne! It's good to be back, I've missed this!! Italy was awesome, I'm sure I'll be posting lots more, so stay tuned!
    Hope you're doing great! Loving your posts!!