Italian Laundry

One might not consider writing a blog a guilty pleasure, but I certainly do, and I can't believe it's been so long since I've indulged myself! This has truly been a busy and exciting year and now I'm playing catch up on life. So when I finally have a few minutes to myself, and I feel like I should be working on this or that, I also need to do something that is not for anyone but me (and my few faithful readers).

I'd love to share with you a little snippet of a recent holiday I took in Italy. The inspiration for me was oozing through everything, from the delicious food, tasty wine, beautiful country side, architectural splendour and the laundry. Yes, I said laundry.

It started with our arrival in Venice. People either love it or hate it there. I fell madly in love. It's a city unlike any other I've seen before. It was surreal, almost like being on a movie set. There are no cars that travel through town, no scooters, not even a bike. With that being said, imagine the silence that comes with that. Not to mention the beautiful colours!! With the peeling paint from the old stone buildings, so many in disrepair yet so incredibly beautiful and alive.
I first noticed the laundry in Venice. I have most definitely seen laundry hung from balcony railing's before, it's a normal site in Europe. I myself have hung my laundry outside to dry in the hot summer sun. But for some reason, on this first day in Venice, the laundry caught my eye and I began to notice it everywhere. Maybe it was the colourful walls, the silence in the streets or the shabbiness of the buildings that the clean fresh laundry was hanging from. As I noticed the laundry, put my lens to it and focused, it almost begun to take on a whole other form. I was reminded of the movie American Beauty, and the scene with the Flying Plastic Bag.

Anyway, I don't know that these photo's can or will express everything I saw or felt on that journey, but I wanted to share them with you anyway.

So, not everyone can hang their laundry from their balcony, but this last shot was still just as beautiful to me. I would gladly hang anything out of this building!

Hope you enjoyed my stroll through the streets of Italy! There's so much more to share with you and I plan on doing that really soon!


  1. Oh, Joanne what a lovely series!

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  3. I'm good - we should get together sometime and catch up!

  4. At lease its nice to air out your laundry in Italy. Nice shots!

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