RIP Robert Kennedy (1938-2012)

I was so sad to hear about Robert Kennedy's passing last night. He lost his battle with cancer but he will certainly not be forgotten. He launched his first magazine, Muscle Mag in 1974 and since then has gone on to publish other magazines as, Reps!, Clean Eating, Oxygen and American Curves not to mention the several books he's published. 

I had never had the pleasure of personally meeting Robert Kennedy, but I felt as though I had with hearing the stories from the RK Publishing staff.  A typical Clean Eating or Oxygen shoot day at the studio did not end without a story about Robert, his encouragement or his inspiration. Robert has left a legacy and a little bit of himself in everyone that had known him. I was so proud to be a contributing photographer with the RK Publishing world, working with the great women's fitness magazine, Oxygen and the healthy food and living magazine, Clean Eating.  I know that the amazing crew at RKPubs will continue his work and keep spreading the word to bring awareness to the health and wellness world.

Read Robert's story at RKPublishing

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  1. So sad. I read about it too and then visited his wife's blog to read more about him. Cancer is such a horrible disease. My father has been recently diagnosed with colon cancer and it's been a very distressing time for everyone.