Chicken Soup - The Greek Version

All Images ©Joanne Tsakos Photography

I'm sure catching a cold is the last thing anyone wants, and for me, I can usually see the warning signs a mile away.  When I choose to pay attention to what my body is telling me and I fight it off before it really hits, it's a good feeling, but when I ignore it, and the cold sets in, it's days, or weeks of  "shoulda woulda coulda's!"  Aside from devouring the enormous amounts of Vitamin C's, Multi-Vitamin's and the Oregano Oil that is sure to kill almost anything, my best (and tastiest) defence is a recipe that comes from my childhood. If it doesn't work well at warding off the evil cold monsters, it will surely give you that warm, comfy feeling even just for one night.

The name for this soup in Greek is called "Avgolemono" which translates into "Egg Lemon".  Those are actually half of the four ingredients in this soup.  I call it Chicken Soup, since most people probably wouldn't want to eat an "egg lemon soup" when they're not feeling well?  

It's such a easy and quick recipe to make, all you need are 4 simple ingredients, plus a little salt and pepper for seasoning. This recipe will make 2 healthy (big bowl) servings, or 4 side soup servings.  The great thing about this recipe is that you can adjust the ingredients to your taste.  If you don't like too much lemon, don't add the whole amount, if you like your soup a little thicker and full of rice, add more rice! But try the recipe below to start and see what you think, then adjust to your heart's content!  

(recipe adapted from Christine Cushing Live) 

4 cups of Chicken Broth
1 lemon
1 egg
3/4 cup of Arborio or Orzo Rice
Salt and Pepper for seasoning

*(makes 2 healthy servings-large bowls)

I've used a "box" of store bought Chicken broth, easier than making my own.  Store bought broth is usually LOADED with sodium so I look for  the Low-Sodium kind.  This time,  I found a "No Salt Added" brand, and ON SALE!! Needless to say, I bought a few boxes for my kitchen cupboards.  If your not lazy like me and make your own broth,  you are my inspiration!! And if you are, and you've decided to pick up a box of low sodium chicken broth at the store, there are approximately 4 cups in each box, so you can use up the whole box!!


-Pour 4 cups of broth into a medium pot and bring to a boil.  

In the meantime....

-Measure out your rice and put it aside until broth has boiled.  

-Roll lemon with the palm of your hand. This will release the juices and make juicing the lemon much easier!  

-Pour the lemon juice into a medium bowl and add the egg.  Whisk until frothy.

-At this point,  your broth has probably boiled and ready for the rice.  Add rice and simmer (uncovered) until rice is cooked, about 10 minutes ( or taste for done-ness)

-When your rice is seconds away from being done, take a ladle or measuring cup and scoop out some of the hot broth from the pot.  This step will be quick so be ready.  Slowly pour the hot broth into the bowl of whisked lemon and egg mixture while continuing to quickly whisk. 
Whisking, while pouring in the hot broth will prevent the egg from actually cooking and leaving chunks of cooked egg in the mix.  

-Pour your whisked mixture of egg, lemon and hot broth back into your hot pot on the stove top.  Remove pot from heat immediately.  Again, you don't want your egg to cook while boiling over a hot stove top. 

-So, you're pretty much done at this point, just add some seasoning to your taste.  A little salt and pepper go a long way!

* If you like chunks of chicken in your chicken soup, by all means...add it!  I've done it before with this soup by using leftover cooked chicken from the previous night's dinner, or I've chopped up an uncooked chicken breast, pan fried over the stove top (using just a drop of oil) and added it to by broth while it's boiling.  

When I was sure I had captured this final shot above, I gobbled up the soup in under a minute.  It's always yummiest fresh off the stove top, but if you are saving some for the next day, you might need to add some water to dilute the soup as it will thicken once it is refrigerated.

I hope this soup makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside like it does with me.  It's like a warm stomach hug!  :)


  1. I puffy heart Avgolemono!! I dated a Greek guy for 5 years. I love Greek food! Thanks for the recipe Joanne! I'm going to make this tomorrow!!!

  2. Your photos make the soup look so dreamy! I've never made avgolemono before. Thanks for the recipe. I'll have to come back to it when I have all the ingredients on hand. I hope you are feeling better :)

  3. @Robyn Russell
    Robyn, let me know how it goes!! p.s. I love your "puffy heart" comment- I'll have to borrow that one :)

  4. @Joanne
    Thanks Jo! It's easy to make it look dreamy 'cause it's so yummy ;)
    And yes, I'm feeling much better, thanks! Avgolemono, my miracle cure!