Colours of Italy

While watching "The Tourist" the other day, I couldn't help but remember my European vacation last summer.  If any of you have watched the movie, The Tourist, (Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp movie) you'd remember that it started off in Paris and then moved on to Venice.  My trip last summer started off in Paris, then continued into Italy where our Italian adventure being in Venice. I How could I NOT be reminded of my recent trip?? 

Being my 3rd time in Paris (4th coming up in a few weeks!), it was still as incredible as it was the first time, but Venice was the city I loved the most this time around.  

Aside from the laundry that I found fascinating and had shared with you earlier on, the walls all around the city were just as beautiful.  I'm sure the walk around town took 10 times as long because I stopped every 5 feet to take photo's but I'm so glad I did!!  As the city continues to deteriorate, I still find the city walls incredibly beautiful, colourful, and lively.  I think you will too.  

I'm not sure why I love this so much, maybe because it encompasses everything else I love about Venice

Marble on St. Mark's Cathedral

More marble on St.Mark's Cathedral

What's an old city wall without a little graffiti and silly string?

I loved how even though the buildings were falling apart, most had beautiful overflowing flower boxes outside their windows! (If you look closely, you'll even see a dove (or pigeon) perched below a balcony!)

Last, but not least...

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  1. Just gorgeous! Definitely a place I want to visit one day.