an oldie but a goodie...

Valentine's Day has never really been a big fan of mine, but when my friend Kelly and I had talked about putting a new promotional piece together, there was no better theme or time that we could think of to showcase our ideas.

Several years ago,  Kelly Arsenault and I had worked together in a big Toronto photo studio, that's how we became friends.  She was a prop/room set stylist to the studio and I was an assistant to one of the photographers there.  Since then, she's gone to do her own thing, still styling and set designing and I've gone on to do my own thing in Photography.  While we haven't had too many opportunities to work together since, the friendship remained and a collaboration was born.    
Being in this creative industry, you can't rely on your current work or clients forever, (as much as you'd love to) like I said in an earlier post, this industry is fickle.  What we have to do from time to time, is a "Creative", which is usually a collaboration of people who create something out of imagination and a little brainstorming.  A group effort of putting a creative idea down, and creating something that you can all walk away with for your own promotional purposes  or just to get the creative juices flowing again. 
Anywhoo, with all of our ideas, we had decided on a candy shop theme and the process begun.  Kelly started to shop, and I got the gear and studio ready.   She did an awesome job of sourcing out some cool things for the shot, most of which we were begged for or borrowed, unfortunately (or fortunately!) we had to buy the candies :) Being a Creative, no one is paying us to do this, so we had to be careful not to get too carried away. It's usually all worth it in the end but being a hard year for most, we had to watch our pennies.   
So in the dead of winter, this little candy shop was born out of my studio, a few pieces of wood, some very pink candy and cake and 2 very exhausted girls with a couple of creative brains behind it all. It was fun to put together and to work with my friend Kelly again.   I know we both wished we had more time to play around with it all and see what else we could  create with what we had, but our time was done.   

Happy with the end results, it served it's purpose and now I want to rebroadcast our efforts and with it wish a Happy Day to  you all, whatever day it may be!


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I don't celebrate Valentine's Day any more but I sure enjoy desserts, candy, chocolate (who would have guessed eh?) and my one of fave colours is red, so I'm really liking what you did with this shoot!

  2. This is attempt #2 to post my comment :) Let's see, what did I write the first time? This is a great photo shoot! Love the pink and red candy. Is that pink cake real? Keep posting about your photo gigs. I enjoy reading about your projects!

  3. @Joanne
    Hey Jo, YES, I got your messages! Sorry, I just got back yesterday from holiday's!
    Thanks for your comments :) I'm not a fan of VDay either so it's nice to get away during that time! 2 birds with 1 stone kinda thing ;)