Urban Condo

My cousin told me he was selling his downtown Toronto condo and so I offered to take some photo's for his listing. In my business, I've photographed many home interiors as well as businesses for various magazines, advertisements or even real estate companies. Although his was a pretty standard unit, he had built in some very appealing features and I wanted to capture them.
It's a one bedroom plus den with lots of natural light coming from the large windows and a great view of the downtown waterfront. Pretty typical for a new unit in town (minus the view) but he had taken this ordinary urban condo, and turned it into a one of a kind space with just a few alterations. Installing this bamboo wall to feature his living room was one example.

A wood casing was made to house pot lights and river rocks where the tall bamboo stalks were embedded in a trough of river rocks. The wood was then stained a darker stain to compliment the light floors. Also, a small open shelving unit was made to divide the kitchen from the living area but also allow for more storage in this small space. I love the orange accents they had used to compliment the neutral colours in the space. Using a coloured pillow, throw and some tall leaves in a jar could be some of the easiest and most affordable ways to add colour and impact to your space.

Another feature which I thought was pretty unique to this space was what he did with a plain open wall. Most likely the choice of wall to place a television against, either by hanging it on the wall or finding a television unit to fit the wall. What my cousin had done was pretty clever. He had cut a hole in the wall, installed a swivel system and attached the t.v. to it. This would allow for the t.v. to swivel and turn 180ยบ into the next room being the bedroom and once swivelled, it now faced the bed head on. You could watch t.v. in either room without having to purchase 2 t.v.'s or move anything (aside from a simple twist of the wrist). This also keeps all of the unsightly television and stereo wires tucked away as to keep the focus on where it needs to be.

I'm not sure if this unit is still available, but if you're looking for a downtown Toronto condo, contact me and I can give you the info!

I thought it was all pretty ingenious and I'm always impressed at the imagination that people have with their homes. This just shows what you could even do with a small space like a downtown condo. Don't be afraid to let your personality shine through. If it's simple things like adding a coloured pillow and throw or building your own bamboo wall, it's your home, an extension of who you are. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money and it doesn't have to be a lot of work. I'm always so proud and content when someone enters my home and says that it is a true reflection of who I am. Inspiration can come from anywhere, don't be afraid to let yourself shine through with whatever you do.


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous condo! Great pics, Joanne. You're a really great writer too.