Spring Flowers

The spring flowers had come up after the last frost, they've bloomed and called it quits for another year all to make room for the vegetables, herbs, flowers and weeds that were eager to grow. Even though these perennial's will come up on their own again next year, there were only a handful of them and I was hoping to save the seeds so I could have more the following year. After the flowers had bloomed, I waited for them to wilt and shrivel, then I trimmed the dried up blooms and lay them in the sun until they were fully dried. I’ll plant the seeds this fall for next spring’s growth and hope to see more of the little spring flowers next year.

I love to garden, but there’s still so much I have yet to learn. After a few years in my home, my garden has evolved quite a bit
. It still has a long way to go and I'm continually learning. I'm sure with more time and money, it could finally become as abundant and lush as I had always wished, but alas, I am not a patient girl, and with the impending renovations indoors, I’m also not interested on spending more money on my garden right now. Besides, the garden has become pretty self-reliant over the years. In my first year here, I had spent a wad of cash to fill up the garden with annuals. When year two came, and my garden was bare once again, I finally realized what the big deal was about perennials. Spring #4 has just passed and I had very few annuals in my garden, the perennials have now taken over and have left me with only weeding and some rearranging left to do.

The spring perennials that I’d planted over the years or that I had inherited from previous owners, never seem to last long enough. It feels as though, by the time the weather warms up enough to get out and admire them, they're all dying off. A couple of years ago, I had planted some Lily of the Valley’s. They're the tiny white bells surrounded by giant green leaves. I remembered seeing them on a Martha Stewart Magazine cover from several years back and thought they were adorable. I had used this issue as inspiration for the photo’s I took. Muscari or also known as Grape Hyacinth, were found in the yard when the weeds were cleared away years ago. These little spikes of blue flowers resembling bunches of grapes have almost a musky scent.

Now that my summer garden is taking care of itself, I'd like to devote more energy in developing the spring one. There are so many different flowers to choose from, tulips perhaps being the easiest but tastiest among the squirrels that live in the trees, aren't the best option. So I continue my quest for beautiful spring flowers that can thrive just a little bit longer...
I love spring! Forget New Years Eve, spring is like a fresh start every year. One of the best things about that time of year is watching the spring flowers come up. As my summer garden continues to prosper and is self-reliant, I’d like to expand my spring garden and watch it flourish. With the seeds that I had saved and now stored in ziplock bags from the recent blooms, and a little effort, I’m on my way to an abundant, and full spring garden...all for free!

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